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My interest

I can create websites  and also ican develope existing sites as well, through the four semesters finally ican create some web designs ,creative art and develope new ideas for the companies or groups  examples to this is :-

          We had a project where by we had to bring out an interesting thing with the social media for a company, where by we came up with an idea of developing an interaction between the club members where we could develope a tshirt project where would come as from a result of uploading pictures and getting tshirts on the uploaded images for more to this visit kors website .

      Another one was a green washing  project, in this one we came up with a concept or the idea of recyckling idea of the companies packaging boxes. for more visit the website we created to see the idea 


    The current or the latest project ihad was about the existing service company where by my idea was about  visual communication  and recreate companýs appearance. I remade the logo for more to this visit the website.




















         About me!



       My names are Veronicah Wakanyi Njonjo, i am a Kenyan citizen aged 27yrs. I have cleared in the field of the multimedia designer and  communication .